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My Junk, His Jewel

The 1st Chapter of Matthew’s gospel records for us the forty-two generations between Abraham and Jesus the Christ—fourteen from Abraham to David, fourteen from David until the carrying away to Babylonian, fourteen from Babylonian to Christ (1:17). Holding down the fifteenth spot is Solomon: “And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias” (1:6). 

Let’s reflect for a moment about the events that transpired to put Solomon into that fifteenth slot. David was taking a little ‘time off’ when he should have been at war with his troops. When he observed a woman bathing, he abused his authority, summoned her to his bed for an adulterous act, and sent her home. After news of her pregnancy, he arranged for her husband Uriah to take some ‘R &R’ in the hopes he and Bathsheba would come together, providing the perfect alibi for her pregnancy, his adultery. What he didn’t count on was Uriah being a more honorable man than he was, refusing to engage in selfish (although legitimate) sexual pleasures while fellow soldiers remained on the battle field. 

When David’s ‘cover-up’ plan failed, he conspired to have Uriah exposed to enemy arrows in the hopes he’d receive a fatal shot, leaving the appearance of a legitimate pregnancy with no Uriah around to dispute it. David then took Bathsheba to wife, who gave birth to a son. For a year David lived with his adultery and murder safely covered up…at least he thought. But his God saw everything, made it known to his prophet Nathan, who lowered the boom on David. 

David confessed his sin; God forgave it, but took the life of the child because David had given Israel’s enemies an opportunity to blaspheme. Forgiveness of sin does not always erase its consequences. 

In time, Bathsheba conceived again, and had a son David named Solomon, whose name means “peaceful.” What a fitting name for son who came along after the raging ‘storm’ of disobedience and chastening had run its course! Moreover, we find this declaration: “And she [Bathsheba] bare a son, and he [David] called his name Solomon: and the LORD loved him” (2 Samuel 12:24). What an affirmation of GRACE!

We know how God endowed Solomon with unsurpassed wisdom, and added to this humble man great riches besides. This mention of Solomon as the 15th man in the Messianic succession is a poignant reminder how a merciful and gracious God can reach into the JUNK of our lives and extract a JEWEL for his own glory. This truth was reiterated in Acts 9 when God reached into the JUNK which was the life of Saul of Tarsus and produced Paul, perhaps the greatest JEWEL the Christian church has ever known. 

Got JUNK? God just might have a JEWEL in the making! text


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