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The Pastor's Pen

The Pastor's Pen missives had their beginning as a weekly bulletin article for the Oak Avenue Baptist Church in Florahome, Florida where I served as bi-vocational pastor from January 1998 to November 2000. I began writing these in the fall of 1998. Shortly thereafter I began publishing them on this website, and continue to do so. It is my prayer that they will be a blessing to your life!

A perusal of the Pastor's Pen repository (440+ articles) will reveal that many articles were directly tied to current events at the time of writing. Others represent spiritual and or doctrinal themes. But all have a biblical foundation with interpretations and applications governed by the context.

The first section represents Pens that are either (1) relatively recent or (2) of perpetual relevance to the body of Christ. Documents designated 'PDF' consist of multiple Pens as part of a series. The second section consists of links to Archive documentscompilations of Pens from a specific year or time period. Archive documents are in PDF format and open in a new window.

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