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The Woman

Ever since Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asked SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson if she could define the term “woman,” the woke world has gone ballistic defending her and attacking anyone who dares to define the term.  Even as one can lose his or her job these days by affirming there are ONLY two genders, even so attempting to define a ‘woman’ could bring similar consequences, especially since the proper and easily obtainable definition of ‘woman’ runs contrary to wokeism. 

Brown-Jackson said she was not a “biologist” and therefore could not give a definitive answer. Does this mean Congress could convene a panel of biologists and get one? The fact is the definition of a woman, as revealed in the TRUTH of scripture, can be discovered by any fifth grader who reads the first four chapters of Genesis. Here are some basic TRUTHS those chapters reveal.

TRUTH #1 – God created two and ONLY two genders: male and female (Genesis 1:27). The non-binary nonsense of wokeism is an exercise in the defiance of divine design. Likewise transgenderism is an impossibility. A man or woman can no more change their gender than they can their eye color. 

TRUTH #2 – God created the WOMAN to be a “help” meet for the MAN (2:18). The word “help” means succourer, one created to undergird, support him. Satan, the archenemy of divine design, was able through his subtilty to turn Adam’s “help” into the facilitator of his, as well as her own, spiritual destruction. 

TRUTH #3 – It was Adam himself who coined the word “woman” because his female counterpart, his help, was “taken out of Man” (2:23). That’s the biblical definition of a woman. 

TRUTH #4 – By God’s creative design and in the NATURAL course of events, it is the man who “cleaves” unto the woman, his wife (2:24). Sexual attraction between male and female is NATURAL. Same-sex attractions are UNNATURAL. Yet on June 26, 2015, our SCOTUS legalized the UNNATURAL abomination of same-sex marriage. 

TRUTH #5 – ONLY the female, the WOMAN, is capable of MOTHERHOOD (3:20; 4:1). Adam named the woman “Eve” (MOTHER of all living) for that very reason. Therefore the female gender (the WOMAN) has a WOMB for reproduction. No womb, no woman! It’s interesting to note the biblical record refers to the female gender as “the woman” 10 times before identifying her as “Eve.”

TRUTH #6 – It is God’s design that a CONCEPTION result in a BIRTH (4:1; 17; 25). Abortion is the barbaric bastardization of the divine design!

These irrefutable TRUTHS from Genesis 1-4 NEVER became part of the Congressional record because Blackburn was ill-prepared to answer her own question. It demonstrates that TRUTH is an unwelcome commodity in our government. It also proves members of Congress are NOT smarter than fifth graders when it comes to biblical TRUTH.  

Can you imagine the reaction of Congress if these TRUTHS were ever expounded during a SOTU address? The sad reality is an individual who openly professed to believe these biblical TRUTHS could NEVER be elected President in the current cultural climate!


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