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A Word on Hell

The global community is outraged by Putin’s incursion into Ukraine, and rightly so. The UN Ambassador to Ukraine said: “The Russian leaders will go straight to Hell!” These kinds of remarks perpetuate the false notion Hell is for the worst of humanity. It is also a tacit admission that (1) Hell indeed exists, (2) There is a God that determines the destiny of ALL men, and (3) Hell is a place of punishment and suffering. 

We need to understand the TRUTH about Hell. First, it is a place of “everlasting fire” prepared for the Devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41). While unbelievers may join the devil there, it was NOT God’s original intent to send them there.  

Secondly, ALL men are born spiritually dead due to the sin of one man—Adam (Romans 5:12). ALL men likewise live UNDER the Law and are therefore GUILTY before God for breaking it (Romans 3:19). Thirdly, NO man EARNS his way to Hell, as the UN Ambassador to Ukraine implied. Men born dead in sin are CONDEMNED ALREADY due to unbelief, in which case the WRATH of God ABIDES on them until such time as they believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:18,36). Fourthly, there is ONLY ONE SIN that will send a man to Hell—the sin of UNBELIEF in the Lord Jesus. It is UNBELIEF that leaves a man to DIE IN HIS SINS. Keep in mind Jesus spoke this TRUTH to the religious elites in Israel, ones reputed to live by the highest moral standards, who claimed God was their Father (John 8:24,41). The UN Ambassador to Ukraine, should he die in UNBELIEF, will join those Russian leaders in Hell if they die in UNBELIEF. 

When Jesus suffered and died on his Cross outside Jerusalem, he “tasted death for EVERY man” (Hebrews 2:9) and provided for EVERY man the means of avoiding Hell IF they appropriate by faith the provision God in Christ made for their sins.  The Lord affirmed:” I have NO PLESURE in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live” (Ezekiel 33:11). The Lord will derive NOT ONE OUNCE of pleasure when he casts Death and Hell into the Lake of Fire at the final judgment! (Revelation 20:14). An UNBELIEVER is seldom as BAD as he can be. But as long as he persists in UNBELIEF, he is as BAD OFF as he can be. 

Neither Hell nor Heaven are EARNED destinations. Hell is the DEFAULT destination for the unbeliever without regard to his degree of BADNESS. Heaven is the destination for believers without regard for their degree of GOODNESS.


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