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The Nail in the Homosexual Coffin

One of the dynamics at work in American society today is the effort to assign legitimacy to the homosexual lifestyle. It has become known as the Gay Agenda.

Biblical and Natural Law both tell us that homosexuality is abnormal behavior that 'deviates' from the divine design. Therefore it is ‘learned’ behavior. The scriptures classify it as a type of 'fornication' born of sexual lust. In short, it is an abomination in God’s sight.

The sophisticated, modern and godless man finds this offensive. Twenty-first century ‘enlightenment’ would have us believe that homosexuality is entwined within the genetic DNA. In other words, Gays and Lesbians are born that way. And if one is born that way, then (1) God must have ‘made’ them that way, and (2) a ‘same sex’ orientation and attraction is unavoidable for some percentage of the population.

These mental gymnastics are designed to absolve homosexual practitioners of their sinful acts, remove all responsibility for them and mollify the conscience. For those who buy into this anti-biblical notion, the following questions are particularly relevant.

First, if a ‘same sex’ orientation is genetic in origin and unavoidable for some, would not the homosexual lifestyle eventually disappear from the planet? Men and women who are genetically predisposed toward ‘same sex’ partners and choose to co-habitat with one are INCAPABLE of procreation. Thus the perpetuation of ‘same sex’ genetics would END with EVERY Gay couple.

Secondly, if a ‘same sex’ orientation is genetic, why then is a homosexual orientation dependent upon heterosexual behavior for its survival? If heterosexuals lack ‘same sex’ genetics, how is it possible to pass the ‘same sex’ gene on to their offspring?

Thirdly, if a ‘same sex’ orientation IS capable of being passed on genetically by heterosexuals WITHOUT necessarily manifesting itself in the offspring (the ONLY argument the ‘same sex’ crowd has left), does this not mean that homosexual or ‘same sex’ behavior is AVOIDABLE? And we know that ALL ‘Avoidable’ behavior MUST be classified as LEARNED behavior. If something is avoidable, it CANNOT be inevitable!

So the argument between ‘same sex’ genetics and ‘learned’ behavior boils down to these two options: Either (1) ‘Same sex’ genetics in those couples who choose NOT to procreate is just ONE GENERATION away from extinction, or (2) ‘Homosexual’ behavior is indeed avoidable and therefore ‘learned’ by its practitioners.

The Bible says God created the first two humans male and female ― man first from the dust of the ground and woman secondly from a rib of the man. Heterosexual genetics is the Divine design. Therefore homosexual behavior is learned behavior, an affront to the Creator, an abomination to him. In other words, homosexuality is sin that truly 'misses the mark' of the Divine design!

But here's the Good News. If one finds him- or herself mired in homosexual lust, there is grace available from the Creator in the form of forgiveness and power for deliverance through the blood of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose again on the third day!


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