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Doctrinal Studies

The Truth On Fire Doctrinal Studies section consists of documents that present the teachings of Scripture from an exegetical and expository point of view. Printable PDF's open in a new window.

The Accessible God

A document seeking to encourage God's people to pray based upon the Biblical doctrine of God's accessibility.

The Angel of the LORD (Printable PDF)

A one-page document that cites OT references to "The Angel of the LOD" with brief comments. Students can use this overview document as a springboard for more in-depth study. .

Apollo C. Quiboloy Exposed | Printable PDF

This document exposes Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for the deceiver he is. It makes no attempt to expose ALL his erros, but three that are particularly egregious. 

An Apostolic Conference Call

A document that examines the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 and its conclusions about the gospel of grace and Mosaic Law.

Attributes of the Church

An article written for the Florida Baptist Witness as part of a series on the Baptist F&M. Published February 2000. 

The Believer and Mosaic Law 

A document that explains the new relationship between the believer in Jesus Christ and the Mosaic Law.

The Bible & Homosexuality Printable PDF

This document examines a number of Biblical passages that speak to this issue, and refutes the private interpretations of homosexuals who twist the Scriptures to defend this vice. 

The Brethren

A document that examines Hebrews 2:17 and the great doctrinal themes related to Christ and his brethren.

Calvinism, Arminianism, and Bible Exposition

An article written for the Florida Baptist Witness as part of a balanced presentation of historical Southern Baptist beliefs regarding Election. Published May 2000. Includes response published June 8, 2000 plus a critical analysis of the response.

Can Our Salvation Be Undone?

A document that defends the eternal security of the believer, oftentimes referred to as 'Once Saved, Always Saved!'

The Christian and Mosaic Law (Printable PDF)

A document containing a collection of articles setting forth the relationship of the believer to Mosaic Law. 


A document that examines several covenants revealed in scripture and puts them in proper perspective.

Does Regeneration Precede Faith? Printable PDF

An article that examines the erroneous Calvinistic teaching of regeneration prior to the exercise of faith.

Ecclesiology 101: The Local Church

An article that makes the biblical case for a local assembly of believers as the tangible manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Printable PDF

A basic yet unique presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an appeal to the mind as well as the heart.

If They Shall Fall Away

A document that examies what it means to "Fall Away" according to Hebrews 6:6.

James White on John 3:14-18 An Examination

This document is a critical analysis of the exegesis provided by James White in his 'Open Letter' to Dave Hunt as published on his "Alpha & Omega Ministries' website.

Known & Foreknown of God

A document that examines the biblical doctrine of God's foreknowledge.

Musical Instruments in the Church

A document that refutes the idea that there is no biblical authorization for musical instruments in the church.

The Nail in the Homosexual Coffin

This document provides a simple yet iron-clad argument against the erroneous notion of 'Same Sex' genetics.

An Overview of Calvinism

A document that exposes the flaws in each of the Five Points of Calvinism. A MUST read!

The Pastoral Search

A document that describes the process search committees should follow (in general) when searching for a new pastor. 

The Pauline View of Torah Compliance

A doctument that examines Paul's view of his pre-conversion life and the errors of the Torah Compliance doctrine.

My Personal Experience with Calvinism

In this document I share my experience with Calvinistic thought, the truth that delivered me from Calvinism and what I consider to be Calvinism's fundamental flaw.

Priority One

A document that examines 1 Timothy 2:1-4 and the priority Paul placed on prayer in the life of the local church.

The Role of Water Baptism in Salvation Printable PDF

This document presents the Biblical position on baptism. It examines several references to baptism in their context, and compares Scripture with Scripture to arrive at a sound conclusion. 

The Scriptures

This document  demonstrates the trustworthiness of scripture, especially the KJV, and  exposes the heretical teachings of skeptic and textual critic Bart Erhman, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

So Great Salvation

A document that examines the great salvation we have in Jesus based on a exposition of Hebrews 2:1-4.

The Sons of God: An Interpretive Analysis

A document that examines the instances of the phrase "sons of God" and seeks to  assign the proper interpretation by context.

Subjection to Ordinances

This document examines the erroneous teaching of Torah-based practices as part of the Christian experience.

Two Sides of the Evangelistic Coin

A document that examines the biblical role of evangelism as a two-sided coin.

Water Baptism The Interpretive Key

This document is designed to provide the proper interpretation of 1 Peter 3:20-21 and to deliver from the false doctrine of baptismal regeneration.

The "World" According to Jesus

A document that examines the biblical meaning of "World" and the manner in which it is perverted by Calvinism.

Why the Husband of One Wife?

A document that makes the Biblical case for Pastors being a one-woman-kind-of-man!

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