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No Code Required

I heard a story recently about the ABC Company, which was hiring to fill an open position. It ran an ad in the local paper asking interested parties to come to its Human Resources location at such and such a date and time for an interview. 

There were several dozen respondents, who took seats in a large waiting room. After a few minutes, the intercom began transmitting a ticking sound. Every attendee but one thought it was just static, a technical problem, and ignored it. But one man listened carefully, rose from his seat and walked right into the hiring manager’s office. The others were puzzled by what looked to be a brazen act. 

A few minutes later, the hiring manager came out and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for responding to our ad. The position has been filled. There’ll be no more interviews. Have a good day!” The ad respondents began exiting the building, murmuring among themselves about how that one man had ruined their day and made the ad seem like a sham. 

It turns out the ‘static’ they heard was actually Morse Code, bidding truly interested parties to come on in to the hiring manager’s office. The ONLY one who understood the code was our seemingly brazen man, whose ability to interpret and respond to the code got him the job. 

We’re living in a world in which the Bible, God’s infallible Word, is little more than static to most ears. It’s not written in code, but with black ink on white paper in plain English. There is no code required to understand it, believe it and obey it. It requires only an ear to hear. Jesus concluded his message to each of the seven churches in Revelation with these words: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” 

The life-changing power of the scripture is available to anyone and everyone with a willing set of eyes and ears. No code is required! Moreover, it contains a job description for “Disciple” with an unlimited number of positions the Lord Jesus Christ desires to fill.


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