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The Breath of Life

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D-IN), a full-fledged Sodomite, is unique in that he has appealed to scripture to justify his homosexuality. He has since appealed to scripture to justify infanticide (abortion). He cites Genesis 2:7: 

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

He argues this proves that an unborn infant is NOT a living soul (a real person) UNTIL it draws its first breath. This is a legitimate argument to have. But it must be conducted in light of the whole body of biblical truth, not a single verse of scripture extracted from its biblical context. 

What exactly happened at creation? God took inanimate dust and in a moment fashioned the intricacies of the human body—tens of BILLIONS of complex components—as a ‘chassis’ of sorts for the soul it would support. God introduced the life principle with a breath into man’s nostrils. We can assume Adam’s life (breath) and heartbeat began simultaneously. 

We know this creative act was a one-time-for-all-time event. Common sense says God must have done the same for the woman, whom he formed from one of the man’s ribs, after he formed her as a “help meet” (support system) for the man. After breathing the breath of life into Adam/Eve, he never performed that same function again for any of their offspring. The introduction of the life principle at CREATION was subsequently replaced by what now takes place at CONCEPTION.

God has reversed the order in the life process. At CREATION, God took an inanimate body and brought it to life with his breath. At CONCEPTION, God imparts life to a single-celled body that he continues to develop (with a discernable heartbeat) until its first breath outside the womb. At creation, God’s breath served as the SOURCE of life. At birth, breath now serves as the EVIDENCE of life. 

It’s interesting to note the immutable Laws of Thermodynamics make the evolution of the human species—or any species for that matter—an utter impossibility. For everywhere energy is found, it ALWAYS transitions into less-complex, less-usable forms. The womb of an expectant woman is the exception. The single zygote cell formed at fertilization (conception) becomes an increasingly more complex organism (life form) over nine months until a full-blown living chassis consisting of tens of billions of cells departs the womb and breathes for the first time. 

Space does not permit us to innumerate all the biblical references to ‘conception’. But a study of the subject will reveal that conception is sometimes an answer to prayer, always a gift from God, the point at which gender is determined and oftentimes when a name is given. 

The hypocrisy of Leftists who cite scripture in defense of their political and moral positions is exemplified by Buttigieg. He cites the scripture as proof life begins with breath. But at the same time he would vehemently deny that (1) the same God made mankind “male and female” (two genders), and (2) homosexuality is unnatural, immoral behavior, for which God destroyed a city of Sodomites, two truths set forth unequivocally in scripture. The scripture Buttigieg falsely claims CONDONES abortion is the same scripture that forthrightly CONDEMNS his lifestyle!


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