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God-Caused Climate Change

The original ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ was altered by the Climate Change crowd to ‘Man-Made Climate Change’ and then reduced to mere ‘Climate Change’. While they still believe man’s use of fossil fuels is directly responsible for drastic climate fluctuations and events, the lack of scientific evidence linking ‘Man’ directly to a changing climate makes ‘Climate Change’ appear more palatable to the ignorant masses. 

The biblical record makes a strong case for ‘God-Caused Climate Change’. The first reference to a ‘climate’ event is found in Genesis 2:6: “But there went up a MIST from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” God used MIST as his watering agent because “the LORD God had not CAUSED it to RAIN upon the earth” (2:5). In Genesis 7:4, after commanding Noah to “Come” into the Ark, God gave him a ‘heads-up’ on what to expect next: “For yet seven days, and I will CAUSE it to RAIN upon the earth forty days and forty nights.” 

Fifteen-hundred years had elapsed between Genesis 2:5 and 7:4, between “had not CAUSED it to rain” and “I will CAUSE it to rain.” There are NO other references to rain between the two. That first rain, which would destroy EVERY living thing EXCEPT what was in the Ark, was a torrential, cataclysmic GOD-CAUSED Climate event! Every time God sets his rainbow in the sky (9:13) following a rain event, it is a reminder that (1) his covenant with the earth is still in tact, and (2) he was the primary CAUSE behind the Climate event that destroyed it. 

It’s worth noting the next reference to “rain” as a Climate event came with the seventh plague upon Egypt (Exodus 9:22-26). God rained “very grievous” hail mingled with fire, accompanied by thunder. We’re not told the size of the hailstones. But the fact they killed “both man and beast” and broke “every tree of the field” (9:25) suggests something the size of softballs. Again, this seventh plague was a GOD-CAUSED Climate event. 

The dozens of biblical references to Climate events—rain, in particular—are almost always associated  with either a divine blessing (abundance) or a cursing (drought), and ALL of them GOD-CAUSED! We CANNOT say with certainty EVERY disastrous Climate event is God-caused. But we CAN say with certitude EVERY adverse Climate event is FAR more likely to be GOD-CAUSED than MAN-MADE!

The Climate Change crowd, which expends so much of its energy opposing the CONSUMPTION of fossil fuels, would BETTER serve the global community by opposing the COMMISSION of sin against the Creator of heaven and earth! Moreover, if God is the cause behind a Climate event, it is pure hubris on the part of man to think he can prevent it!


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