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A Single Piece of Information

For the last two thousand years, God’s people have embraced the cast of characters surrounding the Christmas story. Central among them is the Trinity—God the Father sending his Son, God the Son taking up residence in a human body and God the Holy Spirit, the One responsible for his supernatural conception in the virgin Mary’s womb. 

The one individual who receives perhaps the least attention is Joseph, a “just man” (Matthew 1:19) who was engaged to Mary at the time the conception of Jesus took place. If we juxtapose two statements about Joseph from Matthew 1, we can learn an important spiritual truth. The first: “Joseph…was MINDED TO PUT HER AWAY privily” (1:19). And the second: Joseph…TOOK UNTO HIM his wife” (1:24). 

Between these two action book ends is a single piece of information that changed Joseph’s life. We don’t mean changed as to CHARACTER, for God had already determined his character was worthy of entrustment of his Son. We mean changed as to DIRECTION, for the man who was ‘minded’ to cancel his engagement to Mary ‘took’ her to be his wife. 

The single piece of information that changed the direction of his life is found in 1:20: “That which is conceived in her is OF THE HOLY GHOST.” With that single piece of information, the angel dispelled his fear and enabled him to set a life course in compliance with the will of God!

Oftentimes in life a child of God finds him- or herself at a crossroads of decision where a single piece of information—a truth nugget—can mean the difference between a wrong decision made in FEAR and the right decision made in FAITH. I can recount several instances personally where God gave me a single piece of information at a critical time that steered me on the proper course. 

As we approach 2020 and all the decisions that lie ahead, could it be that God has a single piece of information he wants to disclose to you, a profound truth packaged within the pages of scripture, that will change the course of your life? If so, asking God to make it known to you is certainly a worthy request!


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