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A Stunning Contrast

On February 7, 2019 carried a story with the following headline: “Former Member of Dutch Anti-Islam Party Becomes a Muslim.” The convert in question is former lawmaker Joram van Klaveren, who previously had been fiercely critical of Islam. His conversion to Islam stunned many. When conversions like this take place, it always raises the question: “What is it about Islam that would make a former critic embrace it?” 

The primary reason any man or woman embraces religious doctrine is a desire to find acceptance with the religion’s God after their sojourn on earth is done. Apparently Joram van Klaveren has come to believe Allah, whom he formerly disavowed, is indeed the only true God. He is making preparation to face Allah one day and desires to be accepted of him. 

Conversations about Islam always create a stunning contrast with Christianity. If one is truly committed to Islam and believes the Koran to be the expression of Allah’s mind, then he must by default believe his final acceptance by Allah is contingent upon the killing of (or at least making life miserable for) infidels. 

Contrast this to the message of Christianity, wherein a loving Creator showed compassion toward his fallen creatures by providing for sinners what they could not provide for themselves—a blood sacrifice to atone for their sins. The sacrifice was nothing less than ALL he had in the Person of his Son, Jesus of Nazareth. 

In the Christian faith, God made possible a sinner’s acceptance by killing his own Son on behalf of those who sinned against him. In Islam, Allah makes possible a follower’s acceptance by his killing of infidels. In Christianity, acceptance is a free gift of grace that has the power to transform a life. In Islam, acceptance is earned by evil acts directed toward infidels. 

There is no religion on earth more counterintuitive than Islam, which condones violent, sinful acts in this life as appeasement for sins for which Allah will hold them accountable in the next life. How can sin be the remedy for sin? 

Moreover, those who embrace the Christian faith have the iron-clad assurance that its Head was resurrected from the dead. And if he raised himself from the dead, he can and will resurrect to everlasting glory those who put their trust in him. Those who embrace Islam are placing their trust in the prophet Mohammed, a demon-possessed pedophile who concocted Allah, is STILL dead and has no ability to offer sinners acceptance or the forgiveness of their sins. 

The embrace of Islam begins a journey into everlasting darkness, the current abode of the prophet Mohammed.


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