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Three Keys to Usability

In biblical literature, there is perhaps no man God used more than his servant Moses. He walked fearlessly into Pharaoh’s presence to demand release of Israel from bondage, orchestrated the ten plagues that decimated Egypt, led Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground, delivered the Law of God from Mount Sinai and managed the logistics of leading a few million Jews for forty years in a wilderness. 

There is no CEO in America that EVER led his or her company to achieve similar results. And yet for all his great accomplishments as a leader and a man, the foundation for his Herculean achievements was laid during his encounter with God at Mount Sinai and the burning bush. 

If you read Exodus 3-4, you find God gave Moses three commands, which he obeyed. God ordered him to (1) take off his shoes—3:5, (2) throw down his staff—4:2-3, and (3) pick up the snake his staff had become—4:4. These were the keys to his usability. 

God told Moses to take off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. The everyday desert dirt under his feet had been sanctified by the Lord’s presence. The taking off of his shoes signified a willingness to be a partaker of God’s holiness.

God told Moses to throw down the staff (rod) that was in his hand. In doing so, Moses displayed a willingness to deploy the most basic of his possessions in the service of God, with the result the simple could become supernatural. 

God then told Moses to pick up by the tail the snake his staff had become. In doing so, Moses displayed a willingness to allow faith to overcome his fears. Rather basic, is it not? Take off your shoes, throw down the staff and pick up the snake. His obedience to these three commands laid the foundation for everything else that followed. 

It’s no different for us. Our usability may not involve delivering an entire nation of slaves from the clutches a greater one. But God is more concerned with the SORT of our accomplishments than he is the SIZE of them. At the Judgment Seat of Christ, the main issue surrounding rewards will be the SORT of our deeds rather than their SIZE. 

What SORT of usefulness does God have in mind for each of us? Before we erect the building, we must first establish the foundation. The foundation is established by answering “Yes!” to the following three questions: (1) Am I willing to be a partaker of God’s holiness? (2) Am I willing to take whatever God places in my hand and deploy it in his service? (3) Am I willing to walk in obedient faith despite legitimate fears I might have? 

The foundation for all the great feats God accomplished through Moses was laid at the burning bush. They determined his ultimate usability. They likewise will determine yours and mine.


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