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The Spirit of Cancellation

The ‘Cancel Culture’ may be a recent development in America, but the spirit of cancellation is as old as creation itself. It began early on when Satan imagined in his heart he could “be like the Most High” and cancel his Creator. It’s hard to imagine an act that exhibited greater hubris. A third of the angels joined Satan in his rebellion. God cancelled them!

Satan then focused his efforts on canceling Adam and Eve. He deceived Eve through his subtilty, who in turn lured Adam into disobedience, death. In terms of their innocence and intimate fellowship with God, Adam and Eve were cancelled. In time, a rift occurred between the first siblings. Cain, whom the scripture says was “of that Wicked One,” killed (cancelled) Abel with jealous wrath, because God had accepted Abel and rejected Cain. 

When Jesus came into the world to fulfill Messianic prophecy, Satan sought to cancel him by moving Herod to kill every baby in Bethlehem two years of age and under. He failed! After John baptized Jesus and the Spirit drove him into the wilderness, Satan tried to cancel him through a series of temptations designed to elicit self-will and circumvent the Cross. He failed!

For three long years of ministry, Satan sought to cancel Jesus by tripping him up with questions and, at times, plotting to kill him. He failed because Jesus’ “hour” had not yet come. When it came time for Jesus to keep his appointment with the Cross, Satan thought he’d finally succeeded in canceling the One who had banished him from heaven. So Satan filled the heart of Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus. 

With Jesus’ arrest, every lash of the whip, every face slap, every blasphemy, every excruciating torment, with the nails that secured him to the Cross, with his dying breath and burial, Satan thought he’d finally achieved his goal of cancellation. He was SO wrong!!! When Jesus cried out “It is finished!,” Satan must have thought, “You got that right!” What Satan did NOT know was that Jesus, during the three hours of darkness that covered the earth, was made sin for us, who knew no sin, and bore the iniquity of us all. 

When Jesus walked out of that tomb on the third day, victorious over death and for our justification, he cancelled Satan, who now knows he has an appointment with the Lake of fire for an eternity. Satan now operates on a leash. He HATES the Son of God, HATES every child of God, HATES the truth, HATES righteousness. 

Make no mistake! The spirit of cancellation we see driving the ‘Woke’ Left is being fomented by Satan himself and facilitated by demonic powers. Satan is running the ‘Woke’ Left. His primary attack is on God’s creative design although there are secondary targets. If you believe that (1) life begins at conception, (2) there are ONLY two genders, and (3) marriage is between one man and one woman, Satan wants you CANCELLED! 

The ‘Woke’ Left are nothing more than Satan’s useful idiots to carry out his cancellation warfare. The closer we get to the King’s return, the angrier he’ll become. The ultimate goal of Satan with attacks on the 1st Amendment (censorship) is to cancel local churches that proclaim Jesus as the ONLY way to the Father and biblical truth. The current censorship of political speech is but a stepping stone to the cancellation of biblical speech.


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